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Get out of your head and into your body


Embodied sensuality is a movement ministry that centers femmes in their pursuit to explore their bodies' possibilities. Each session and workshop guides clients through a fluid frame-work that employs meditation, sensual dance, and self-massage. This coaches the learner on maintaining connection to the body during changing circumstances.


Embodied Sensuality is:

  • Finding refuge in the body

  • Releasing and channeling energy

  • Spirit-based movement practice

  • Listening to the body 

  • Stress and pain management

I'm here with you as you come back to your body!



I have had the pleasure of taking four of Raylá Meshawn’s “Sensual Flow” workshops. Each time, I have left their workshop, feeling more radically embodied and just overall ‘free’. Raylá has this uncanny ability to pull a spiritual and sensual life force out of you, by encouraging you to tap into your highest level of sexuality through movement and play. Overall, Raylá is a great facilitator of pleasure and through their workshops, I found flow, dance, and more at home in my body.

—Iresha Picot M.Ed, LBS




I love taking classes with Raylá. Raylá has a wonderful balance of making class both accessible and challenging. Their personal sense of ease makes connecting with your own body easy and enjoyable. There are a lot of smiles in class. I highly recommend it for both trained dancers and those new to dance. 

—Kristen Hammond, M.S.




In every event of Raylá’s I have attended, they created a safe and inspiring space for sensual self-expression. The first experience I had with Raylá was at a Sensual Flow event and I left the workshop feeling so jazzed up and inspired about movement. It’s not just about the movement, it’s about how Raylá helps you reclaim your self-expression. It’s how you feel about yourself and the power you can find in movement. Raylá is a treasure— could not recommend their workshops enough!


—Kaitlyn Stocker