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The body is political even if you don’t want it to be, so how do you liberate it? 

The guide there for you when you are going through a transformation and asking yourself questions. What do I need? How can I flourish? How do I want to show up? How can I take up more space?


Trauma is real, it isn’t what people have lived through, it’s what people live with. From patriarchy to racism, and othering from the general heteronormative society, queer, and trans femmes fight to rightfully exist as they are. I do what I do to help femmes enter their bodies and give them tools to help them maintain that connection. It is vital that every femme or human of that matter, be in constant relationship with their bodies, and to be at ease inside of their bodies. 


My practice is informed by all of my intersections and my journey to completely receive the fullness of myself

Movement is my ministry to access healing. I am a natural spiritualist that descends from earth-workers. Trauma-informed care and an intersectional womanist lens frame my work.  I am sw-friendly and actively decolonizing my approach to healing arts. 

intuitive Counselor and Embodied Movement Coach

  • Affirmations

  • Clairaudient support

  • Body Image

  • Movement confidence

  • Re-igniting passion

  • Feminine healing

  • Processing shame

  • LGBTQ Issues

There is so much messaging in the world that others queerness when in retrospect, queerness is all. It is not a divorce from the mainstream, it is beyond its conception. My practice is about finding your transcendental self, the self that knows no repression that exists at all times but has not yet found the spaces to flourish.






I deeply believe in not being a guru, but a friend to hold your hand as you unravel yourself—not a mentor, but a fierce advocate for your liberation. 


I have had the pleasure of taking four of Raylá Meshawn’s “Sensual Flow” workshops. Each time, I have left their workshop, feeling more radically embodied and just overall ‘free’. Raylá has this uncanny ability to pull a spiritual and sensual life force out of you, by encouraging you to tap into your highest level of sexuality through movement and play. Overall, Raylá is a great facilitator of pleasure and through their workshops, I found flow, dance, and more at home in my body.

—Iresha Picot M.Ed, LBS




I love taking classes with Raylá. Raylá has a wonderful balance of making class both accessible and challenging. Their personal sense of ease makes connecting with your own body easy and enjoyable. There are a lot of smiles in class. I highly recommend it for both trained dancers and those new to dance. 

—Kristen Hammond, M.S.




In every event of Raylá’s I have attended, they created a safe and inspiring space for sensual self-expression. The first experience I had with Raylá was at a Sensual Flow event and I left the workshop feeling so jazzed up and inspired about movement. It’s not just about the movement, it’s about how Raylá helps you reclaim your self-expression. It’s how you feel about yourself and the power you can find in movement. Raylá is a treasure— could not recommend their workshops enough!


—Kaitlyn Stocker