You Are Your Home

You are a home

That you frequently forget is a warm solace

A home full of love, hope, and mercy

A home that knows how to comfort and make easy of any situation your comrades suffer

A home that is responsive, regenerative, and fertile with magic

You are your home

A home that is waiting adornment, blessings, and cherishing

A home that is resilient and uniquely built, that has survived every set back you encountered

Instead this home often only stores memories and mementos, and relics of lovers’ past

Your body is your only true home

As it witnesses your coming and going’s, and when’s & how’s

The only home that can’t be repossessed by any outside force

Your only possession worth protecting

Yet you want others to embrace it more than you do

Consummate it’s needs more than you have

Investigate its erotic capacities in ways you neglect to do so

You and your body is a home

It's even a home for possibilities and potential

Your body is your first home

Your body is your last home

Your body is your only true home


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