The Currency of Complimenting Others

Please do because there’s too many haters in the streets, workplace, church, family, or wherever!! I live by the creed of compliment currency.

They say that all words have power, right?! So what happens when you talk crap to someone? How do they react?


Ok, and what happens when you give someone words of praise?! Exactly! It’s a currency to complimenting people. It’s free to you, and yea, you have to restructure your brain to appreciate the beauty in other people to practice it, but when you praise another person it grows positive vibes exponentially.


Even if the person acts weird after receiving the compliment (this is a thing), I doubt complimenting another person will hurt you.

“Affirming their humanity”

When you bless another person with a compliment you are affirming their humanity by letting them know you acknowledge their presence and efforts. That’s a big deal. Especially during this COVID mess chile’, compliment store clerks, compliment the femme with a matching face mask! Remind people of their humanity during this dehumanizing time!! Send people love with some socially distanced affection. Be like, “you mad cute over there with your poppin eyeliner with the matching mask!” or “thank you so much for your service, we need people like you who come to work everyday!”

Watch how that shifts another person’s day! Tap into the currency of complimenting folx. Everyday is hard during COVID times, let people know they exist with just simple praises and blessings 💋😘

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