Thank Your Body

Updated: Jan 22

I don’t think we talk to our bodies enough 🌱

Your body is 60 % water. Your brain and heart is 73 % water. Your lungs are 83 %. Water is extremely perceptive and psychic. The molecular structure of water in your body is always receiving messages.

Your body has multiple minds, one being the heart. The heart has the largest electromagnetic field in the body. Your heart is always there for you, always working even you are resting.


Your body is constantly giving to you, and receiving everything you put it through.


Why aren’t you thanking it more? Why aren’t you listening back?

I want to encourage you to begin your conversation today with your body. Listen to the aches, feel the air, experience your inhale, and ask your body, “what do you need today?”

🌻I love you body thank you for keeping me safe today. Thank you feet for allowing me to walk. Thank you body for telling me it’s time to HYDRATE ☺️🌻


Take it easy Goddesses and Gods 😘

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