• Rayla Meshawn

Sensual Flow: Movement for Self and Reclamation

Sensual Flow came to me while exploring my silhouette. I noticed as I moved, I felt inhibited. It was just me in the dance studio and I’d giggle. I was bashful in my own company. I didn’t know what the feeling was that caused it. I wasn’t comfortable.

I was studying my MFA in dance doing mostly contemporary dance all day, and I had no problem doing that publicly, yet when I was alone I felt limited in my body.

After thinking on it, I realized it was shame. I felt ashamed of my sensual movement. I felt ashamed to see myself as a sensual being.

That was my nugget—internalized shame and how I can use movement to move passed it. I’m happy I stuck with it.

Sensual Flow is all about getting yours, however that may be. You take the movement as far or as subtle as you need to. It’s a dance workshop that’s all about indulging in your body.



It’s hard to be seen when you have been taught to cover up.


Sensual Flow is making a comeback. This is a longer workshop format 🌱because it really deserves the extra time and space.


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