Our Beloved Regina Evans: The Abolitionist

Updated: Jan 22

Oakland native, artist, and modern-day abolitionist in the fight against child sex trafficking

Regina is a source of healing for the people of Oakland. Her work spans the fields of writing, costuming, activism, performance, and spiritualism. She is an oracle with a vision for harmony and liberation. The community she summons is an extension of her beliefs and activism. She weaves prophecy and action together with sheer optimism for a liberated future.

I highlight Regina because she is one of the few people who can bring beauty and sweetness to one of society’s ails. She is an abolitionist and “mama” to many, she nurses young people to a place of empowerment with her tender gaze. She is known for being one of the Bay Area’s leading voices against Human Trafficking and sex trade. It is because of her own personal experiences, that she is so radical with how she advocates for survivors. She has housed many rescued individuals at her business, Regina's Door, and even brings some of them into her community of love and artistry.

Regina gives hope and a shot at reclamation to all she works with. She is a supreme resource in the Bay Area for survivors of sex trafficking and hearts waiting to be loved. She understands the work from both sides as a survivor and revolutionary. Her work embraces playwriting and theater, her play 52 Letters is a look at the reality of modern day slavery. She is a member of House Full of Black Women, a site specific ritual performance project. Regina is a frequent collaborator with Alameda County District Attorney's office and also raises funds for anti-sex trafficking organizations. She is lovingly venerated for her performances featuring survivors and the advocates she builds community works with.

Her most recent work is Beloved: An Insistence, a work that utilizes city streets and sidewalks as the medium for the installation of garden alters, lighting design, street pole art, poster art, sidewalk art, and murals. Within the installations are embedded resources of food, water, and during this time of COVID, also PPE such as masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers.

Listen to this interview about Regina and Beloved here:


Learn more about Beloved: https://www.kqed.org/arts/13886833/the-abolitionist-fighting-sex-trafficking-with-words-and-altars

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