Mindset Care: Rethinking the Workweek

Updated: Jan 22

Being gentle with yourself can take the form of actions, vibrational care, and mindset. What usually gets me is my workweek mindset. I’m one of those people that can’t stand the 5 day business paradigm because that only gives me two days to get my life!


“two days to get my life!”

What is that? By the time I reset my energy, it’s time to go back into the rat race. 😩Monday blues is hella common! I’m happy I’m not alone on that feeling.

What I have done for my 🧠 is rethink my week by shifting the way I operate. You only live once! As long as I’m hitting my deadlines, how I give intention to my days are my business, right?

Monday is officially Sunday pt. 2 for me! This means I’m not putting the dread on my Monday to get on the same hamster wheel as everyone else! Monday’s are an extra day for rest and preparation for me, I use Tuesday to kick off my momentum 😊 Tuesday is the day of Mars energy anyway, so why not?


I’ll get to war on the next day because I said so!


I am gentle with how I prioritize my energetic output during my week. I take control of my time and my life by rethinking my days. I just can’t with the extra anxiety and going along with what doesn’t work for me!


If you feel where I’m coming from, how do you think you can shift your week up so you can be more gentle on yourself? What practices do you think you can integrate that will lessen some of the anxiety you feel around Monday hustle and bustle?

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