Favorite Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes

The world is off its rocker right now, but thank Goddxss for the internet. The internet has a way of doing the most, however, it also comes through more often than not. Upon the departure of Trump so many of our spirits were depleted and just plain over it—well, we are still over it. With tiny reminders like the Bernie "you coulda had a bad bitch" meme, many of us don’t know what the hell to think about Biden in the office, leaving us to ponder what if we had invested in Bernie.

But who knows!?! I’m not a political analyst. I’m merely an average citizen with their own two cents to put into the sociopolitical arena. What I can speak on is the hilarious outpour of Bernie memes by the “undefeated internet”. Some fell flat, others were plain ridiculous, and my faves had me rollin’! We citizens need some effin' humor concerning politics at this time. Laughter just might be right medicine to get us onto the best approach to healing from the terror of 2020.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite Bernie memes (caution please put the mug/glass down):

  1. Bernie in "the stu"

2. Bernie in Easter Sunday in Black Chicago 1941

3. Bernie in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

4. Bernie at The Artist is Present

5. Bernie at the strip club

6. Bernie doing Cell Block Tango

7. Bernie as Monica sitting on the curb

8. Bernie in Wu-Tang

9. Bernie getting a lap dance from Destiny Child

10. And the most relatable of all

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