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  • Rayla Meshawn

Discerning the Mirror

Don’t you dare judge yourself in the mirror! Look at yourself. Deeply look for yourself. Instead of looking for intimacy in the world, use the mirror to find it–into me see.

When you look in the mirror seek out your soul, seek out your past, and the future you wish to build. Look for your truth. Excavate your pain. Be honest with yourself. Look at your deserving self with untinted lenses. Look at yourself with heart.

Try not to apply the world’s values in the mirror. The mirror is here for you as a tool to find truth, for your soul to see what is not readily perceivable. Look at your skin, it bears many truths. Trace every mark, freckle, stretch mark, and hair with your eyes–they tell your personal legend. Your first attempt at shaving, the time you chose to cut, the c-section you had to save your child’s life, chafed inner thighs from your favorite cut-off shorts, and the thick hair you inherited from your great-grandfather. Your body is a living relic with your personal history mapped all over it.

Beyond the physical there is you, limitless awareness. Beyond your gaze, peering into the mirror is the real you that can not be touched by any society, critique, or judgement. That’s the you that knows what’s truly right and wrong–what is healthy or unhealthy for you. The only being whose discernment matters when it comes to you.

Until you are ready to look at yourself, don’t judge yourself in the mirror. The mirror will not show you what you need to see. It can not show you what you need to feel. It will only show you what you have been taught. It can only convey half truths that will leave you unsatiated, unaware of your full capacity; ignorant to your nature, and oblivious to your power.

The mirror is a tool to discern truth from conditioning. It separates awareness from education leaving space for building of self-education. You can not experience full embodiment without awareness and self-education. To honestly use the mirror you should prepare yourself for the responsibility of embodying knowledge of self, and reappropriating ideas from the world to find a new order–re-aligned with what is truthful for you.

When you use the mirror, deeply look for yourself with care and heart. Do not apply the world’s values to your reflection. Full embodiment does not follow the ways of others. The mirror may only convey half truths; images that are not entirely healthy or align with your truth. Until then, practice your use of the mirror with discernment and work to feel who you really are.