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  • Rayla Meshawn

Dark Femininity

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Femininity with vengeance

Femininity without caution

Femininity with scars

Not seeking to be pleasant, seeking to be commanding

Femininity that is seeking to be fulfilled

Dark femininity is a femininity that giggles at the question

Who told you to be so sure of yourself?

Who told you to not need me to say, “you are pretty”

To solidify its worth

Femininity that feels so damn satisfying

Femininity that knows no confine

Because it has none

A femininity that defies heteronormativity

A femininity that has no binary

A femininity that was once scorned

That delivers shadow into light

Dark femininity perchance is a frightening kind of femininity

It is unremorseful

It possesses the essence of battle

And the spirit of exoneration

Dark femininity does not stop

And can not be contained

This femininity engulfs you

It surges with all of the power in forgotten women

The ones you are too abashed to admitting your transgressions against

Dark femininity echos your truth and dishonor

Dark femininity canonizes hurt

Dark femininity is the insurrection of all that you fear

Free womanhood