About Raylá

 Art from a healing justice lens

Raylá's mother taught them West African folk dances starting at age 2. They majored in dance at the School of the Arts in Rochester, N.Y., and completed their bachelor's degree in sociology and psychology at Howard University. Following undergrad, Raylá began rape crisis counseling and using wellness education to advocate for healing justice for low wealth communities. Raylá's work is rooted in love and justice, and from a lineage of abolition. They feel like all people regardless of their intersections should have the right to heal. They completed their 200 hr Yoga RYS certification with Yoga 4 A Good Hood and has since furthered their studies into neurosomatic meditation, trauma-informed restorative yoga, and sexual health. Their practice is embodied movement emphasizing the sensual as a tool to enter the body. 


Exploring the sacred and sensual through multiple mediums

Embodied sensuality dance workshops and coaching through Pink Mercury LLC 

Bridging conjure and Creativity

Creating with            the Divine Within 

Exploring the connections of spirituality and sexuality with photography in the Sacred and Sensual series

A resting revolution 🍃🍃I am so abundant I attract what I need_-__I take courtesies my gr

A Resting Revolution

Where I am so abundant I attract what I need

I take courtesies my great-grandmother would only imagine in her daydreams

Living in a state in which I am entitled to love that isn’t laborious

My black femininity isn’t valued by how it can contribute to the system or compares to any other woman

Resting in the assurance of self that what is for me will not miss me

Dreaming so I can dream. Dreaming so I can communicate with my higher self

A resting revolution in which I value rest as much as I do my work because I realize I can’t do shit off-center or manifest in survival mode.





Stonewall @ 50

Multimedia work & collaborations

View video work, performance footage, and work in progress on my Vimeo and Youtube.