"The work" 



Do you ever find yourself disconnected from your body? Like what you would like your body to do and how you hope to feel while moving often escape each other?


Are you reluctant to assert yourself in public situations? Do you shy away from asserting your will? 


Do you experience difficulties expressing your sensual self in intimate relationships?  Would you like to feel more possession of your erotic nature? 


Who is your sensual self?


As a queer embodied sensual movement coach and educator, I help all femmes take up more space and claim their bodies through movement. I’m a former rape crisis counselor and a trauma-informed educator. I try to honor duality in myself and all things. My love-work is my business Pink Mercury and I am committed to being the accountability others need to achieve their embodiment goals. 


I currently offer: 


  • One on one sensual embodiment coaching 

  • Two monthly workshops 

  • One burlesque series course 


The body is a vessel for wisdom and nothing less than that. In my workshops, I coach femmes on using their bodies as an instrument for creation and insurrection. I believe, the body must be given permission to divest the obstacles that trauma has built to experience the ecstasy of release. Adding a sensual movement practice to a current wellness practice is a perfect complement to other therapeutic services. If you are looking to deepen your connection with your body please contact me today so we can create a plan for you together. 


By intentionally focusing on pleasure and divesting the inhibitions in our vessels, we can weave new realities—birthing ourselves again.

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