Intuitive Readings
  Tarot and Energy Healing


I am an highly sensitive nurturing spirit with clairaudient and clairsentient abilities. I possess the ability to share in feelings and sensations. I prefer the title of "reader".  The purpose of my spiritual work is to bridge connections between the individual I'm serving with and the divine. 










I am here to support you in being your own guru!


Reading style


My style of reading is honest, inspirational, and compassionate. 


NOTE: Readings are not always face level, sometimes I receive phrases or messages. I am always willing to clarify.

Reading type


-Empathic and intuitive. 

-Private. What we share will remain in confidence. Sometimes you will you end up saying this you did not expect to say in our reading (this stays between us).

-Clairsentient feeling and clairaudient messaging. I get information from the feelings you convey. Please be ready to open up. This is a conversation, clarification will be needed on your part as well as mine.

-Astrologically inspired

-Tarot or use of natural abilities

Spread type


-4-15 cards guaranteed *Yes/no will only be 1-5 cards 

-I use three decks: Crow Tarot Deck, Hoodoo Tarot Deck, and The Modern Witch Tarot Deck. You can choose which one you would like me to use. 

-Readings can be received through written email, audio recording, video, or voice call. Let me know your preference. 

My reading offerings 

Below you will find some of my basic offerings. These are readings that can be done by phone. If you are looking for audio or digital delivery options please visit my etsy store. You do not need an account to purchase on the site. 


When will I receive my readings?


Same day bookings are prioritized and only apply between 9 am to 5 pm EST Monday- Sunday. I prefer voice call, but I can deliver your readings through written email, audio recording, or video. You can also book readings to be completed within a 1-3 day period, these would be delivered to you in one of the formats listed above.

What kind of reader are you?


I am a clairaudient empath. I receive information while I tune into your situation. The cards act as a tool to bring clarity and represent some of the themes.

Are you available on weekends?


I am mostly available during the week and sunday for all delivery types, but please email about voice calls on Saturday. You can also book readings on the weekends that I can provide within 3 days of booking (email, video, audio). 

What matters do you NOT read on?


Legal matters, gambling/lottery, medical or fertility

What topics do you read on?


Love, relationships, ex-lover, infidelity, divorce, separation, career, self-love, soulmates, shadow self, destiny/life purpose, life path number, guidance, spiritual healing, familial issues, yes/no, 

Do you accept refunds?

No. All purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE as you are charged for the time that it takes me to read for you (not for the information received).