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I'm Raylá. I am an educator and dance instructor that uses sensual movement as a mode of healing. I am a non-binary femme artist who uses they/them pronouns. I host workshops and classes centering feminine healing. 

After 5 years in a physically abusive relationship, I found my power through burlesque dance and creating my own group of performers. I am an advocate for survivors of sexual violence and an ally to sex workers! I am not a "peace, love, and light" healer. I deal with the duality of reality and the need for balance in all things. I am very passionate about feminine leadership and black mental health. I hope we remain in alignment and conjure up some "gud stuff" together!! 


"Live Your Redemption"

Raylá Meshawn is a nonbinary femme educator who specializes in mindful movement and sensual dance. Raylá's mother taught them West African folk dances starting at age 2. They went onto study and compete on a national level, then majoring in dance at the School of the Arts in Upstate N.Y. Raylá completed their bachelor's in sociology and psychology at Howard University. Following undergrad, Raylá began organizing with multiple grassroots groups, using wellness and activism to create connections. Their practice is embodied movement, emphasizing dance as a tool to enter the body and communicate with spirit. In addition to movement, Raylá is a burlesque performer, boudoir photographer, writer, and musician. Follow Raylá on Facebook or Instagram to stay current on offerings.

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Raylá teaches adult beginner dance and wellness workshops. They are passionate about sharing knowledge and creating spaces to re-energize QTPOC/BIPOC communities. Use the contact form to tap in with them! Have Raylá facilitate a workshop at your next event or support your individual movement journey!



Reach out to Raylá with any requests for workshops or collaborations.


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